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Dudes With Cameras

Dudes with Cameras is a video series taking a peep at life on set around the world, narrated by Joey and his crew.

This new 4 part series of Dudes with Cameras follows Joey, Jesse, Caleb, Hector and friends as they embark on a dream assignment- photographing the 2016 Lavazza Calendar! The crew spends a month shooting in Brazil, Peru, Colombia, Dominican Republic and Mexico, focussing on the future generation of agriculturalists connected to Lavazza and Slow Food. This first episode highlights the Mandira family- a father and son team of sustainable oyster farmers in Cananèia, Brazil. 

This second episode in the Lavazza Calendar series highlights the images that were shot in Colombia and the Dominican Republic. 

This third episode is probably one of our weirdest of all. It originally was about a self-portrait of the crew taken for the back of the calendar, but then takes a radical shift and becomes all about a new stylistic filming technique known as "OMAR-CAM." 

In this fourth and final episode of the Lavazza Calendar series, the dudes find themselves in Mexico for the last days of the shoot. Afterwards, both the crew and the subjects from all walks of life are flown to Milan for the big launch event.

Racing against the sun, the dudes run around in the agave fields of Tequila, Mexico working with the Jimadors of Jose Cuervo on a special assignment.

The dudes are thrown a real curve-ball when the actor casted to rear a horse for the shot can’t make the horse rear. They do everything within their power to make the shot work.

Joey and Jesse become extremely sleep deprived after traveling to photoshoots around the globe, ultimately ending up in Alaska to shoot an ad for National Geographic Channel's "Life Below Zero." The team is welcomed by Agnes and Chip Hailstone, who crack jokes and throw spears at the dudes.

In this episode, Joey photographs actor Michael K. Williams, actor and ACLU ambassador for ending mass incarceration. Michael K. Williams is obviously way more photogenic than Jesse, but we pretended there was some kind of competition to make him feel better. 

Joey, Jesse and Caleb fly to Canada to work on a shoot for Canon L Series lenses. Will the dudes be able to photograph, edit and retouch 3 ads for Canon before they run as massive billboards? ...Or will Joey's accident-prone lighting assistant Caleb ruin EVERYTHING? Just kidding, we love you Caleb.