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I'm doing my school project on you, can you tell me how you got started and what advice you have for young photographers?

I'm extremely honored that you are thinking about me. Thank you! However, please understand that if I dedicated my time to answering every e-mail, you would see barely any photography from me. These articles below should answer all your questions:

I heard you have some tutorials, where can I find out about them?

Right here -

Have you taken any schooling or special courses related to photography?

I have not taken any formal training but I have never stopped educating myself by reading books, reading things online, and good old fashioned experimentation.

Do you do your own post-processing?

Yes, almost everything you see on my website has been post-processed by myself. There are a couple odd commercial images which are not my work, but for the most part I try to find the time to do as much as I can. Post-processing is an important part in any photographer's work, but lighting, exposure and composition are the most crucial.

To learn more about my Photoshop techniques, you can check out my Photoshop tutorials at:

What kind of camera do you use?

It depends on the assignment, please view the GEAR section of this website for a comprehensive list of the photographic tools I use.

Why do you call yourself Joey L? What happened to the 'awrence?

When I was a kid there were two Joey's in my elementary school class, so naturally my last initial was added to my name. However, after years of this kids would phone my house and ask my mom if "Joeyel" was there. It just kind of stuck.

How do you get to travel so much?

Above photography, my biggest hobby is travel. I am fascinated by the world, in particular the people that live in it. Being born and raised in North America, I am drawn to things far away from home and unique ways of thinking that challenge my own.