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Shoot-off: Lara Jade VS Joey L + Contest

December 01, 2011 //  How To Back to posts

After 2 years of hard work, it feels very surreal for me to finally be able to make this announcement. Phhhheewwww... Okay... My new tutorial is finally launched! Photographer Shoot-off: Lara Jade VS Joey L is now available to purchase as an instant download or DVD on my websites brand new store. More info after the jump:

To put it simply, this tutorial and workshop-on-a-disc is unlike anything I’ve ever done before. The trailer above should explain everything that Lara Jade and I have been keeping secret all this time. All the information is on its store page, but to summarize it in once sentence: the tutorial is a photography, lighting and Photoshop collaboration DVD with a lot of style.

The other good news is the price. Since it’s the holiday season and all, Lara and I felt it was a good idea to launch this tutorial with a special introductory price. From today until January 1st, we are having a 1 month sale. If you order the physical copy soon, it will ship out and make it before Christmas. If you choose the instant download link, you have gotten yourself an early present! Sessions With Joey L will also go under this sale price until midnight rolls over and brings in the new year.

The cover features a badass yet cheeky, nerd-tastic painting from Sam Spratt. The only obscure reference I gave him to begin was “I want it to look like the Star Wars of Photography Tutorials”. He took it from there and created all the DVD cover artwork and packaging.

One-Liner Contest

In the spirit of lighthearted rivalry, I’d like to also announce a little contest Lara and I are having via Twitter to help spread the word on the DVD. It’s called “the one-liner contest”. Here’s what you have to do to enter: Think of a photography or Photoshop-related one-liner joke and post it on Twitter. Be sure to include a link to and the hashtag #LJVSJL so we can track all the entries. A one-liner is a clever one sentence joke that delivers an immediate punch line, the more insulting the better! Here are some examples:

“You’re so dumb you tried to put your C-stands in alphabetical order.” #LJVSJL

“It’d only be a “beauty dish” if you wore it over your face.” #LJVSJL

The top 3 best one-liners as chosen by Lara and I will receive an awesome prize. Lara and I will both be providing either a limited edition signed print, the actual DVD itself, and B&H Photo are giving one of the winners a $100 gift card to go spend on whatever camera junk you want.

Lara and I are extremely proud of the final result, and confident viewers will find purchasing this product an investment into enhancing their craft.



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Alex Cojocaru // December 01, 2011 21:54

This is an amazing dvd! Well done!
Can't wait to learn new tricks from you and Lara :)

Tracy // December 02, 2011 11:57

Hey Joey! Looks great! One thing I'm a little concerned about. I noticed that at the checkout, it isn't a secured page. Do you have a https version of the page?

Crackle // December 02, 2011 20:55

Congratulations Joey - looks incredible!

admin // December 04, 2011 05:27

Hey Tracy- if it makes you feel more secure, we also have a Paypal checkout option. You can find it below the credit card checkout. Thanks!

Stifter // December 05, 2011 23:37

woohoo, this is going to be my christmas present;-) thank you!

Merlin // December 08, 2011 21:38

Wow. The covers by Sam Spratt are amazing...

Max // December 16, 2011 13:32

Can you please tell me the names of the songs?

Gerund // December 19, 2011 09:39

SAM SPRATT – I love you! I probably wouldn't have gone looking for this if I hadn't had seen that cover on Lara's DA. Good marketing choice.

andrei v // January 03, 2012 05:44

hi! saw your video on ! your works are really really cool! Will buy this dvd...oh, now I have a motivation to accept job offer from 45 years old whore that I was trying to avoid))

pete // February 09, 2012 22:50

Well thats my next training need sorted. Cheers


Leo Timoshuk // February 29, 2012 11:24

The DVD looks amazing, Def considering getting it!

Plamen Panchev // January 31, 2014 19:27

Hi Joey,

I really love your work!

Can you tell me where can I see the music (ost) credits from the Lara Jade vs Joey L tutorials because I really like them?

Thank you!

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